Felicia Chang, Lauren Mitchell and Jessica Thomason are Documentary photographers located in Vancouver and Florida, respectively. Among all three, they have taught three online classes, presented at four conferences, and had four self-paced instructional ‘breakouts’ over the past five years. In addition to teaching the subject they are incredibly passionate about, they’ve also bonded over dank memes, Trader Joe’s, occasional spontaneous alcohols, and sharing way too much personal information via live chats with their students.



Felicia Chang is a Documentary photographer and educator based in Vancouver but also travels all over for work. She believes that connections are important and normal is relative, and all versions of life deserve visual space in photography. As a result, her photographs often reflect an intersection of complex frames and emotions. Felicia has been the recipient of awards within the family genre, has been published in several photography magazines, served as a judge for the Documentary Family Awards, and participated in local gallery exhibits. She has been teaching and mentoring since 2017.



Lauren Mitchell is a Documentary photographer on the Space Coast of Florida. Through her love of line, shape and color, she captures the aging sprawl of her everyday surroundings in the Sunshine State. Lauren received honorable mention in the 2016 PDN Exposure Awards, was the sole scholarship recipient of a photography workshop with Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb in Miami, participated in numerous exhibits throughout the US, and has been published in multiple photography magazines, including the cover of Click Magazine Summer 2016. 



Jessica Thomason is a Documentary photographer located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She views the world through the lens of humor and finds inspiration in the darker aspects of parenthood. Both her personal and professional work and tutorials have been featured in Click Magazine. Jessica was the founding instructor of The Documentary Approach at Click Photo School and has been teaching photography courses and mentorships online and in person since 2014.