Will there be PDF lessons for each month?

We will not provide in-depth lesson-based PDFs — think of it more as a college classroom environment where supplemental PDFs, articles and essays will be shared in order to discuss. 

How many hours per week is required of me? How many hours of shooting? 

Because mentorships are about each individual, there is no required amount of time to devote to the class. For the first two months, there will be less shooting and more in-group discussion and reading materials. Students will participate for 2-3 hours two Sundays per month in live online discussion. The remaining 4 months will be primarily shooting intensive. We encourage you to photograph as much as possible to pursue project development, but there is no specific hourly requirement. It is all up to you — you get out what you put in. 

What type of camera equipment will I need?

This is up to you. Because this is a documentary-oriented mentorship, however, you may feel most comfortable shooting with wide angle prime lenses. We do not recommend anything higher than 85mm.

What skill level should I be at to participate? 

We recommend that you are comfortable shooting in manual and are familiar with principles of composition (layering, framing, lines, visual weight, color, etc.). Prior experience with documentary photography is highly recommended. 

All three instructors approach photography by means of observation — no posing or manipulating of subject or scene has occurred unless otherwise specified. This does not mean that subject posing is not allowed, it just depends on the scope of your project. Projects can range from 100% photojournalistic to incorporating posed environmental portraiture. However, generally speaking, we will approach all photography from an observational point of view first and foremost. Types of photography we may cover, depending on student need: Photojournalism, Family Documentary, Documentary and Street Photography.

What do you mean by documentary?
Is anything off limits? 

Though we may briefly touch on client matters through the course of general discussion, the mentorship is for personal artistic development and not intended with business in mind. Please note that we will not answer questions or give advice regarding business or clients during the mentorship. However, Felicia offers one-on-one private mentorship to anyone interested in business/client matters. You may contact her for more information. 

Will the mentorship go over business or shooting for clients?